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Setting the new standard for Carbon Reporting

Take the first steps towards Net Zero and start counting your carbon today.

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Organised. Simple. Intuitive.

Carbon Counter makes carbon reporting as simple as possible.

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Manage projects with ease.

Whether you're reporting for one company, or multiple - Carbon Counter splits your reports into projects. Keeping them organised and easily accessible.

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Real time data visualisations.

Carbon Counter summarises all of your data into an easy to understand preview page. Data is recalculated in real-time as you record your companies Activities and Intensities.

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Collaborate with your team.

Need to manage the same project with multiple team members? Simply open your project and navigate to the invite page. Invite your colleagues and you're good to go.

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SECR Reporting.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting is here to stay. Carbon Counter makes generating this report a one click process. Making your life, simpler.

Your Pathway to Net Zero

Simply click the sign up link at the top of your page, create an account and you can get started. It's never been easier.

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Deciding to take the first step is always the hardest. Carbon Counter makes reporting emissions straightforward.

As soon as you've started to fill in Activity and Intensity data, Carbon Counter will automatically create insightful charts. So you can visualise your emission usage.

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Carbon Counter helps you understand how counting your carbon can lead to a greener planet, and a lower utility bill.

Carbon Counter has streamlined the process of managing your emission data. Each table is clearly showcased, so you can quickly find the data you're looking for. The same is said for editing the data that you've entered.

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Carbon counter is setting a new standard in the industry for carbon reporting and accounting.

Carbon Counter takes into consideration all Activities, Intensities, Sites and Groups when generating your report. You can view these in real-time in the overview page or as a pdf, in the report page.

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Get visual insights into where your carbon comes from, with detailed carbon reports and graphs.

With each reporting year that you continue to use Carbon Counter, your energy patterns get more detailed. Meaning you get a much clearer picture of energy usage across your business.



Recording and reporting on emissions is a crucial part of any strategy for reducing emissions and heading towards Net-Zero.

Activity and Intensity Reporting Made Easy

Easily monitor and update your carbon footprint.

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All Scopes Supported.

Carbon Counter has support for Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3 and Scope 4 (out of scope). These have been added to make sure that you have the right tools to make your carbon reporting process, simple.

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Scope 3 Reporting Methodologies.

Reporting Scope 3 can be tricky. That's why Carbon Counter supports reporting categories and methodologies. Whether it's Supplier-Specific data, Hybrid data, Average data, or spend-based data; they're all supported.

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Versatile Intensity Measures.

Need a company-specific way to report on Intensity measures? You can specify the Intensity record you want to report on. Add the data and Carbon Counter will generate a preview of your data, and a report to download.

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Each plan supports all features. Only the number of records changes.

Monthly Cost Carbon Counter is Free to use
Emissions overview
Scope 1, 2, 3 and 4 support
Scope 3 reporting categories and methodologies
Team collaboration
Activity / Intensity Emission Calculations
Active Site Emission Management
Generate Carbon Reports
Full Control over projects
Pick your reporting year start date
Number of records
Projects 5
Activities 250
Intensities 40
Sites 100
Groups 100
Users per project 100

Plans and Pricing

Carbon Counter is Free to Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple people work on the same project at once?

Absolutely. Once you're logged into your profile, open the project you wish to invite a user to. On the sidebar you'll see a link to invite users - fill out their details, set the access level to "edit" and submit the form. If the user you're inviting has an account, they'll receive an email prompting them to accept the invitation to the project. If they don't have an account - an account will be created for them. Once activated, they'll have access to your project.

How many projects can I create?

The amount of Projects, Activities, Intensities, Sites and Groups is listed in the Features. If you require more please contact us.

Another company has asked to see my emission report, how do I share it with them?

To share your report with another company (or another individual), navigate to the invite users link when you have your project open. Fill out their details and select "view" as the access level. This way they will have access to your data, but not be able to edit any of it.

Carbon Counter doesn't support a feature I need to use, can it be added?

If you'd like to request a feature that isn't currently available on Carbon Counter, use the contact form below, or the 'Contact Us' button inside the user area. Tell us the feature that you'd like, and we'll look into adding support for it in future versions of Carbon Counter.

What's the benefit of using Carbon Counter?

Carbon Counter focuses on an ease-of-use based approach, where an individual or team can easily manage their carbon emissions for their company. Once a report has been generated, the report can be shared with the public. This allows other companies to find and use your report to report for their own companies carbon report. Being able to see clearly, which products they use from your company, and how many emissions each product produces.

Which carbon reports does Carbon Counter support?

We've added support for the most popular carbon report. Carbon Counter can automatically create a Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) report for your company based on the emission data you provide. Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) will be added.

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